4 Facets of Cannabis Infographic

The distinction between marijuana used for medical and recreational purposes may appear illogical to those who are unfamiliar with the plant. It’s all just a plant, right? It’s not like a doctor can inject you with three weeds, either. What makes these cannabis varieties different from one another? How does cannabis even remotely assist patients?

Medicinal Marijuana

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for thousands of years for religious, cultural, therapeutic, and recreational purposes. The several compounds that this plant generates are what make it valuable. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and several other molecules are included in this group of substances and are collectively referred to as cannabinoids.

These substances have a variety of physiological effects, such as psychotropic, ones that reduce pain and inflammation, variants that ease nausea, increase hunger, and more. Numerous cannabis strains have been developed by breeders to highlight particular compounds more so than others and to produce certain effects.

Recreational Marijuana

Cannabis was just legalized in the U.S. ten years ago, in 2012, despite being widely used as an illicit substance for many years. Since then, as more states have legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, the sector surrounding its production, sales, and accessories has expanded significantly. Recreational marijuana, as opposed to medicinal marijuana, is just taken for pleasure. As a result, since they cater to the preferences of each individual, recreational strains are highly different.

What do medical and recreational cannabis have in common?

Despite having different goals, medical and recreational cannabis are frequently used in the same way. Using a portable herb vaporizer to consume cannabis is one of the most popular practices. The herb vape is popular among medicinal users since it allows for rapid ingestion and nearly instantaneous benefits. The popularity of the herb vape among recreational users can be attributed to its simplicity, ease of sharing, and reduced odor as compared to joint smoking.

One of the most common methods to ingest both varieties of cannabis is through edibles. The drawback of edibles is that it takes them between 30 and 90 minutes for them to start working. This makes it slightly more challenging to determine an appropriate dosage that isn’t too strong.

How do I purchase it?

You must first confirm if cannabis is permitted in your area because it is lawful for medical use in 37 states. It may require a prescription from a doctor for medicinal usage, which might only be accessible for certain conditions. Patients are obliged to buy their cannabis from a state-approved dispensary after obtaining a prescription. These shops frequently welcome the opportunity to advise customers on product selection, how to consume it, and what to anticipate if they have never used cannabis before.

Regardless of your motivations for smoking cannabis, the two different varieties are more similar than they are different. Cannabis may be used in many ways, both medically and recreationally, to produce a wide range of benefits that improve our physical and mental well-being and promote relaxation.

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