4 Flood Dangers to Watch Out For Infographic

When a typhoon strikes in your locality, there is a high possibility that water will come along with it. Flooding does no good to anyone. The water is dirty and sometimes it carries litter and trash that will cause problems to your property and health. When there is a storm signal, you need to prepare yourself, your family and watch out for the dangers brought by flood. This infographic will provide an overview of what you can expect when there is a flood.

1. Floodwater may carry bio-hazardous materials coming from different areas in your locality. To assess the health risks posed by these materials, check whether there are factories, manufacturers or hospitals because these organizations produce wastes that could pose health risks. There are also places near the dumpsites. For such situations, being extra watchful is needed. Before the flood comes in, you can evacuate your family and a few of your things so that you won’t have contact with floodwater. These are the physical dangers that come along with floodwater.

2. You must have heard how hurricane Haiyan brought a tremendous problem to the country it passed by. Strong wind and a large amount of water were sustained by the affected communities. However, aside from the physical danger brought by flood, mental problems must also be watched out for. This is because a flood can also cause mental trauma especially among kids and other people who have existing mental conditions. Children who witnessed the onslaught of the typhoon would tremble when they hear the rain pouring over their roof, while those who suffer from mental conditions can be a great burden to deal with during emergency situations. So, you need to have a proactive plan on how you are going to treat them whenever flood comes in.

3. Natural disasters can be dangerous among human beings. But these natural disasters can also pose a greater risk among animals. It is noticeable that when there are changes in the biosphere brought by weather changes animals could be aggressive and go wild. Even domesticated animals could be aggressive too. Hence, when there is a flood, watch out for the behavioral changes among the animals under your care. Put them inside a safe place.

4. Floodwater can be a source of mold and bacteria which are dangerous to your health. More so, when these molds proliferate in your furniture, there is a chance that your cabinet, dividers, countertops, and other wood furniture can be damaged not just while there is still flood but also when the flood already subsides. That is why it is necessary to call for a cleanup company if intense flooding was experienced.

5. The risk reduction management council along with the government agencies that are responsible for detecting, forecasting and broadcasting news about possible storm and flooding tries their best to reach out even far-flung areas to ensure that everyone can be evacuated as soon as possible. However, if you don’t have plans of leaving your home because you feel that it is sturdy enough and high enough to be reached by floodwater, better to keep this infographic in mind so that you will be guided in the decisions you are making to get away from the dangers brought by flooding.

source: https://www.disastercompany.com/watch-out-for-these-flooding-dangers/


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