4 Foods That Cause Farting Infographic

The food that you take will always provide something in your body. That is why a healthy lifestyle is recommended. You need to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. The food that you take will be digested and nourish your body. However, it will always have a residue that must be extracted out of your body whether in solid, liquid or gas forms. Farting is a smelly gas that you released when you eat something. But, it does not mean that you are suffering a digestive-related disease. It is just a way of your body to release the gas. This infographic provides foods that you normally take that would usually result in farting. These foods contain elements that trigger your digestive tract to produce air that must be released immediately. Stopping it from coming out because you are ashamed of how it would smell can actually result in disease.

1. Foods that are rich in fructose will likely cause you to fart. Produce such as pears, corns, wheat, and onion is rich in fructose. Also, it is used to create the syrup that is mixed with soda or beverages. That is why if you drink a lot of soft drinks, you would easily feel bloated. You can only get relieved from bloatedness if you release the gas that is in your stomach. Avoid eating too much of products containing fructose.

2. One of the morning diet or food plans that you would usually prepare consist of milk, cereal, and bread. For some people, such combination does not cause them to fart but if you are lactose intolerant you need to avoid this breakfast. Milk contains lactose, a sweet natural ingredient that can make your morning happy and energetic. However, for lactose intolerant people, milk is a bad thing because sometimes it can cause diarrhea.

3. Vegetables should be part of anyone’s healthy meal. You can opt for green leafy vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, and the likes. However, it is not a good thing if you eat a bunch of it. Though it is good for the body, you may want to reduce your consumption of vegetables if you are going to have a meeting for that day. If you do eat a lot of it, you can either get yourself out of the board room or drive everyone away from you. Better to simply eat these vegetables when you are going to stay at home all day long.

4. It is not just the vegetables that contain raffinose that can cause you to fart. Even fruits contain indigestible sugar called sorbitol which is also present among sweeteners. Fruits should be eaten before meals so that you will optimize the nutrients it provides. The problem usually comes in when you eat fruits after eating a meal. For example, when you eat a banana after dinner, you can feel bloatedness and a little bit of aching in your stomach. If you are able to release the gas, you will feel fine.

source: https://healthylifestyle.org/why-do-we-fart-and-why-cant-we-stop/


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