4 Hard Water Dishwashing Effects Infographic

Hard water makes dishwashing a frustrating task, as the pesky white residue on your dishes never seems to disappear. The water itself exacerbates the problem. While testing for hard water is simple, several signs indicate your dishes are suffering from hard water issues. White spots on your dishes are a clear sign, as the minerals in hard water leave a white film after drying. These water spots are especially noticeable when dishes drip dry, but even towel drying can still leave a film. Hard water minerals can become abrasive over time, causing permanent damage to your dishes. This results in drinking glasses that remain cloudy and china that looks dull, no matter how often you clean them.

An inefficient dishwasher is another indicator of hard water problems. Limescale buildup in water lines can hinder water flow, making your dishwasher less effective. Additionally, soap doesn’t perform as well in hard water, leading to lackluster results and the need for more detergent to achieve the same level of cleanliness. You might notice a lack of suds when handwashing dishes, as the soap struggles against the magnesium and calcium in the water, necessitating more soap to clean effectively.

source: https://www.alamowatersofteners.com/how-soft-water-will-make-you-love-dishwashing/


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