4 Ideas to Generate Good Blog Content Infographic

The world is full of competition, especially on the Internet. If you own a blog you know that there are trillions of web pages you have to compete with and that alone is intimidating. But to tell you the truth, out of the entire web pages on the Internet only 10% are offering quality and value to the readers and the remaining 90% are not so great contents that were published without much thought. With that being said, you could’ve already guessed how to thrive in this situation. If you haven’t figured it out yet, to have a greater chance of succeeding you need to create superior content.

1. Check the news regularly. Readers often check the internet to read news thus writing a blog on current events will surely capture the interest of the audience. There is always fresh news every day so won’t run out of topics to write. Just make sure that the website you are reading news from is a legit one and not fake news. You don’t want your readers to label you as a spreader of fake news. Don’t just repeat the news, put your own personalized spin and find angles that are relevant to your blog or company. If you do this constantly, your blog will slowly get known and you’ll have regular audience checking your website every now and then to read the news. Here are some ideas on how you can do that.

2. You can repurpose an old blogs. If you are having a really hard time generating new ideas, you can repurpose your old blog posts and inject fresh new ideas that are currently on trend. Some of your new followers who are not able to read and discovered your old blog post will be interested in reading it. By repurposing your old blogs, you are also helping your new followers discover it. Find old blogs that you think are still relevant today and reuse it. Update the blog and add new information related to the current news of trend. You can also write a sequel to the old blog post.

3. Close watch on the competitors. In a business, you always keep a close watch on your competitors. This can also be applied to you to the Internet and social media. You always have a competitor to watch out for. Keeping an eye on your competitor doesn’t mean copying what they are doing, their ideas or their writing. Instead, draw inspiration from what you see in their websites and their post. You might find yourself struck by inspiration or it’ll likely trigger your own innovative perspectives.

4. Talk about popular topics to others. If you are having a hard time coming up with fresh ideas or topics to write on your blog, talk to people. Making a conversation with people about popular topics or trends will give you plenty of ideas to write about. This way you can see a thing in a different viewpoint other than your own. When you talk to other people, you get out of your mind and broaden your vistas. It will also help you generate creative ideas that you can put into your next blog content.

source: https://www.seonational.com/tips-to-generate-blog-ideas/


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