4 Meca-Quartz Facts Infographic

Meca-quartz movements offer a unique blend of mechanical and quartz technologies, combining the functionality of a mechanical chronograph with the accuracy and power efficiency of quartz. Developed in response to the Quartz Crisis of the late 1980s, they represented a strategic move by Swiss watchmakers like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Frédéric Piguet to stay competitive in the market. Meca-quartz chronographs are prized for their slim profiles compared to traditional mechanical chronographs, making them appealing to enthusiasts who value a hands-on experience without the added bulk. While vintage meca-quartz watches can be sought after and pricey, newer models are available from smaller brands like Nivada Grenchen, Yema, Hemel, and Furlan Marri for under $600, offering a more accessible entry point into this unique segment of the watch market.

source: https://www.timesticking.com/meca-quartz-coming-out-of-the-shadows/


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