4 Medical Examiner Recertification Tips Infographic

If you conduct DOT medical exams, you know there’s a high demand for certified medical examiners. Your certification expires after ten years. Here’s what you should know if you’ve been certified for nine years and need to schedule your recertification test in 2024. You can schedule your exam up to 12 months before your DOT medical examiner certification expires, giving you ample time to complete the recertification training, submit proof, and take the test if necessary. Careful planning is essential to ensure readiness for the test. Ensure you have a current medical license, a government-issued ID, and documentation of completing certified medical examiner training in person or online. According to Harvard’s test-taking tips, studying for shorter periods, getting a good night’s sleep, and eating a healthy breakfast with protein and complex carbs are better. The initial DOT-certified examiner test and recertification are the same. It’s an online test but must be taken at a testing facility. Verify the location early to arrive on time on test day.

source: https://teamcme.com/taking-the-medical-examiner-recertification-exam-in-2024/


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