4 Movers' Protective Forces Infographic

If you’ve been defrauded, you probably wish you could go back in time and select a different moving company. However, the only option now is to deal with the situation at hand. If your problem is more serious than just a simple complaint to the company headquarters, or if your attempts at getting a response have been unsuccessful, it may be necessary to file a complaint with government organizations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), part of the US Department of Transportation, regulates aspects of the moving, storage, and trucking industries and frequently handles interstate moving scams. You can file a direct complaint on their website. The American Trucking Association (ATA) represents movers nationwide, advocating for its members while holding them to high standards and welcoming customer complaints. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) prides itself on protecting consumers and connecting them with reputable service providers, so filing a complaint with them might effectively resolve your issue. Additionally, each state has an agency that handles in-state moving fraud and complaints, so contacting your state’s agency could be a good bet in dealing with your issue.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/how-to-identify-and-deal-with-moving-company-scams/


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