4 of the Worst Natural Disasters Infographic

Most disasters are unpredictable when it comes to the time and intensity of its onslaught. More so, damages it can create may also be unpredictable. A lot of organizations today finance research to figure out how these disasters can be prevented from happening. However, even modern technology cannot accurately tell when it will strike your place. Among the disasters you know, there are four of them that are considered to be the worst because of the catastrophe it brings to the public. These four natural disasters are listed in this infographic.

1. Have you seen a campfire? It makes you reminisce your high school years but when you see a large campfire that stays for more than a day, you would probably imagine a nightmare. Wildfires common in countries with vast forests bring burns and patches in the planet. What could start a wildfire? Aside from lighting it intentionally, lightning struck could cause the blaze and turn it into an inferno!

2. Fire leaves nothing but dust and ashes but an avalanche brings in a wave of ice and snow that could freeze the entire village when it occurs. When winter comes, it is a disaster that you should watch out for, especially if you are living in a mountainside where snowcaps are noticeable.

3. One of the most feared natural disasters is earthquakes. It is caused by volcanic eruptions and movement in the crust of the Earth. It makes you feel like the planet is breaking into pieces. What’s worse is that earthquakes have aftershocks which often cause a building to break or in some cases it really sinks from where it is standing. Sometimes, it causes tidal waves such as the ones that happen in Japan. More so, earthquakes are unpredictable. That is why government agencies have been very strict in implementing safety drills during fires and earthquakes incidents.

4. The elements of the earth seemed to be so devastating. It is not just wildfire that you must be afraid of but also tornadoes. That loop of wind that has a speed of over 300 miles per hour can blow an entire community in a split second. Also, it can be a cluster of small tornadoes that can cause severe damage in the place where it will pass. Unlike earthquakes, tornadoes can be foreseen easily because as the wind gets stronger, some equipment can predict that it will form as a tornado. That is why there will be warnings that will be sent to your place. And once you received it, you must find an evacuation center.

5. Natural disasters remind people to take care of their planet because their onslaught is also due to human’s mismanagement of the environment. Instead of taking care of it, pollution, illegal logging, mining, etc. are sponsored by humans causing nature to take its revenge. When this happens, can you fight nature? All you could do is find a way to recover from the damages and injuries it brought into your property and even your physical body.

source: https://www.disastercompany.com/worst-natural-disasters/


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