4 Peripheral Neuropathy Management Infographic

Paresthesia refers to abnormal sensations like tingling or numbness in extremities due to nerve pressure. It can signal peripheral neuropathy, causing hypersensitivity to temperature and pressure changes. Protecting your body from temperature extremes is crucial. In cold weather, keep warm with suitable clothing and venture out when it’s warmer. During hot weather, seek temperature-controlled environments, avoid sudden temperature changes and opt for warm baths over hot ones. Manage pressure by ensuring well-cushioned shoes, maintaining consistent bedroom temperature, and avoiding prolonged immobility. Gentle exercises like foot and wrist movements improve circulation and alleviate nerve pressure. These strategies offer relief and comfort for those with neuropathy.

source: https://axiom-chiropractic.com/what-causes-pins-and-needles-in-your-hands-and-feet/


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