4 Physical Mail Advantages Infographic

Mail remains a powerful tool for people and businesses due to its tangible nature, ability to personalize messages, and the thoughtful impression a letter conveys. Direct or bulk mail offers distinct advantages over email campaigns in business correspondence. People are more likely to see physical mail, as only 37% of emails are ever opened, while mail delivered by the USPS commands more attention despite higher costs. Physical mailboxes are less saturated than email inboxes, making the few pieces of mail received each day stand out. This scarcity makes receiving mail more exciting and manageable than the overwhelming number of daily emails. When someone opens their mailbox and finds your mail, it captures their attention, whether they interact with it for seconds or minutes. Additionally, mail can be tailored to be highly personal, using demographic filters and technology to include personal details even in mass-distributed letters. These small touches create meaningful connections with recipients, enhancing the impact of your communication.

source: https://townemailer.com/the-great-debate-email-or-mail/


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