4 Pickleball Grip Size Facts Infographic

Discovering the right grip size for your pickleball paddle can transform your playing experience. Your grip size directly affects your comfort, control, and overall performance. A grip that’s too small can cause wrist strain by forcing your hand into an uncomfortable position, making it feel like you are wrestling with your paddle rather than having it be an extension of your arm. To measure your grip size, you can start with a general method like the Height Test, using your height to determine a general grip size. For a more precise measurement, try the Finger Measurement Test, based on the anatomy of your hand.

Once you know your grip size, perform the Comfort Test by trying out different paddles with the grip size you think is right. If you are new to pickleball, ask other players if you can hold their paddles. This will help you narrow down the best feel for your hand. Lastly, perform the Index Finger Test by grasping your paddle as you would in a game and sliding the index finger of your other hand into the gap between your index finger and palm, where they almost meet as they wrap around the handle. The perfect grip size will allow your index finger to fit snugly within that gap. Finding the ideal grip size will enhance your comfort and performance on the court.

source: https://pickleballmastery.com/your-fairy-tale-grip-finding-your-pickleball-grip-size/


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