4 Pickleball Slangs

Pickleball, a sport celebrated for its unique culture, places a premium on the joy of camaraderie rather than a cutthroat approach to competition. Beyond its distinctive culture, pickleball boasts its own set of equipment, apparel, and specialized courts, complemented by a vocabulary that forms a language of its own.

1. Grooming-Based Slang:

  • If your partner celebrates a pedicure, it’s not about nail polish; it signifies hitting your opponent’s foot.
  • A manicure occurs when you hit their hand instead of their shoes.
  • A full wax refers to a strategic hit just below the belt, also known as a body bag shot.

These terms add a touch of humor to the game, turning seemingly hygienic references into strategic moves on the court.

2. Food-Based Slang:

  • The non-volley zone is playfully referred to as the kitchen.
  • A shake-n-bake involves a drive shot by the serving team and a rush to the net for a winning shot on the return.
  • Nutmeg, or a 5-hole, describes hitting a shot through your opponent’s legs.
  • Being lettuced occurs when a serve hits the top of the net, lands appropriately, and the returner can’t reach it.
  • A falafel is not a snack but a shot falling short due to insufficient power.
  • A flapjack denotes a ball requiring a bounce before a legal hit, applicable to the service return and the return of the service return.
  • To be pickled is to lose a game without scoring a point, a scenario known as a pickleball shut-out.

These playful culinary references add flavor to the game, creating a unique and enjoyable linguistic experience for players.

3. Names:

  • An Erne involves running or jumping over the kitchen corner, hitting a legal volley shot back over the net.
  • A Bert mirrors an Erne but is executed on the partner’s side of the court.
  • Nasty Nelson, a less amiable character, emerges when a server intentionally hits the non-receiving opponent with the ball, earning a point.

These named maneuvers contribute to the individuality and character of players, showcasing creativity within the pickleball community.

4. Some other Fun Terms:

  • A tweener refers to a ball returned through the legs, a skillful move when conventional shots are not viable.
  • A fly swatter occurs when an ambitious attempt to slam a high shot results in the ball landing in the net.
  • An ATP, or around-the-post, involves hitting a shot around the side of the net instead of over it.
  • A volley llama is a player committing a fault by hitting a volley when a legal return requires the ball to bounce first.

These additional terms add depth to the game, encompassing a range of shot styles and scenarios.

As players delve into the vibrant world of pickleball, mastering the intricacies of its slang becomes an integral part of the experience. While this guide provides a glimpse into the language of pickleball, the true fun lies in the ongoing development of personalized vocabulary within the community. Just as the listed terms originated from creative minds, players may find themselves inventing the next quirky phrase, adding another layer to the rich tapestry of pickleball culture.

source: https://pickleballmastery.com/ace-your-pickleball-vocabulary-fun-pickleball-terms-and-phrases/


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