4 Print and Mail Saving Tips Infographic

A print shop can save significant time and money through specialized mail services, strategic print format and material choices, maintaining mailing lists, and leveraging tax savings. Outsourcing large-scale mail projects allows companies to reinvest freed resources into other areas. By working with mail experts, businesses can identify niche services like the USPS’s reduced postage rates for bulk mail or Every Door Direct Mail campaign, further cutting costs. Additionally, making conscious decisions about print formats and materials, such as choosing between catalogs, letters, or postcards and selecting appropriate paper quality, can also result in substantial savings. Maintaining accurate mailing lists is crucial, as eliminating duplicates and outdated addresses reduces the rate of returns, thereby minimizing waste and associated costs. Finally, partnering with a print shop in a tax-free state like Montana can provide additional financial benefits, as the absence of sales tax can lead to direct savings for the customer. These strategies collectively offer businesses more control over their expenses, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their mail projects.

source: https://townemailer.com/tips-and-tricks-to-cut-costs-on-outsourced-print-and-mail-services/


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