4 Profitable Real Estate Investments Infographic

It might be intimidating to begin creating your real estate empire. You must start somewhere, whether you desire one or two assets to complement your income and retirement planning or you want to completely replace regular work. Let’s look at four of the most lucrative direct real estate investing strategies to discover the benefits and drawbacks of each.

1. Commercial Real Estate

This category includes commercial buildings, parking lots, warehouses, and industrial structures. The risks are higher since most commercial properties are more expensive than the other choices on our list. Property values may decline during a recession, making it difficult for you to fill your space and requiring you to sell at a loss or continue making payments on vacant properties. When circumstances are good, you may expect to see impressive rent increases and amazing profits, but when things are tough, your bottom line may end up in an unsettling position.

2. Single-Family Residences

When considering an investment, single-family houses are often the first to come to mind for Utah real estate investors. Compared to other property categories, the market for family houses is generally steady, however, there is still some risk, as there is with any investment. As a provider of houses, you benefit from the fact that people will always need someplace to live. This reduces a few of the hazards. The least costly real estate on our list is often single-family residences. Your payments will be easier to manage because you’ll probably put down less cash and get a lower fixed interest rate.

3. Multi-Unit Properties

There are elements of both commercial and single-family properties in apartment complexes and other multi-unit residential structures. They cost more, have fewer enticing conditions for loans, and can be difficult to get, just like their commercial counterparts. They carry many of the same risks as single-unit homes, but because you own numerous units in the same area, your investment is more vulnerable to changes in local values, whether favorable or unfavorable.

4. Fixer-Uppers and Flips

The majority of people are aware of this strategy for real estate investing, in large part due to the abundance of TV shows about flipping properties. There is the potential for jaw-dropping earnings, as those programs reveal. However, those programs are “not very real at all,” being approximately as realistic as the majority of reality TV.

Your projects will probably cost more if you don’t have ties with contractors and can’t give them several tasks. Your flip is the one that gets pushed back when there is a scheduling problem if a painter or tile installer has to pick between your one property and a project from a large-scale developer with hundreds of projects every year.

All four of these real estate investing strategies have a chance of success. You must consider your financial situation, level of risk tolerance, and amount of time you want to devote to your investment before deciding which course to take. Due to its stability, reduced entrance costs, less time commitments, and versatility, single-family houses are typically the best option when those variables are taken into account.

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