4 Safe Running Tips Infographic

Navigating running with blisters can be a challenge, but with the right approach, you can minimize discomfort and continue your training. First, if you feel a blister developing mid-run, it’s essential to stop and address the issue by adjusting your socks or shoes to prevent it from worsening. Whether to pop a blister or not depends on personal preference, but be vigilant for signs of infection afterward. If you can maintain your running form without altering your gait, it’s generally safe to continue running, although minimizing friction is key to promoting healing. To prevent blisters in the future, pay attention to areas prone to blistering and make adjustments to your footwear or running technique accordingly. By understanding your body and taking proactive measures, you can run comfortably and pain-free.

source: https://myfootdoc.com/how-to-run-with-blisters/


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