4 Soft Water FAQs Infographic

When it comes to the water in your home, ensuring your family’s safety is crucial as they depend on water that poses no danger to their well-being. One common question is whether you can drink soft water. Generally, the answer is yes. The amount of sodium required to soften water typically leaves it safe to drink. Another concern is whether softening water impacts health. For most people, there are no adverse effects; soft water can improve hair texture and skin clarity. However, those with high blood pressure might need to monitor their sodium intake. Taste is personal, but softened water usually tastes better as it lacks magnesium and calcium, contributing to a bad taste. If reducing sodium is a priority, a reverse osmosis system can help, ensuring your drinking water is purified effectively. In sum, addressing these common questions about water softening can help you ensure that the water in your home is safe, healthy, and pleasant to consume.

source: https://www.alamowatersofteners.com/is-soft-water-safe-to-drink/


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