4 Things to Consider with Solar Panel Roofing Infographic

Most roofing materials are designed to work well with solar panels. However, what happens if you require extensive roofing repairs or when a new roof is required? Solar panels that weigh hundreds of pounds affixed to your roof might make things more difficult. The optimal time to install solar panels is thus before your roof is in the finest condition possible.

Removing Blockages

The solar panels must be taken down when it’s time to replace your roof. There is no way to get past them during a roof replacement because they are anchored to the roofing structure. Removal and reinstallation can increase the price of replacing a roof by anywhere from $1000 and $8000 or more due to the time and specialized skills needed. Any money you would have saved by delaying roof replacement for a few years will be lost due to that cost.

The More You Know

A certified contractor should evaluate your roof preceding solar panel installation. Prior to the solar panels being installed, you may make a better-informed selection based on what they find—or don’t find—about your roof. Formerly adding solar panels to the mix, you may take care of any problems they find that require fixing. Earlier in installing the solar panels, you should seriously consider replacing your roof if it is found to be deteriorating or close to the end of its estimated lifespan. In case damage happens during the installation of solar panels, a roofing inspection will also record the current state of your roof, so you have documentation that the problem wasn’t present before.

Check Their Performance

A follow-up roof check is a fantastic idea after your panel installation. During the solar panel installation process, workers may rip or damage roofs. When they drill for their brackets, they could also miss the studs, leaving holes that need to be filled up or caulked. They will frequently do those fixes, but they can also neglect them. Additionally, since they are not roofing experts, their repairs might not be completely reliable.

A Penny Now Can Save a Dollar Later

The typical lifespan of modern solar energy systems is 20 to 30 years. A roof using modern installation techniques ought to endure at least that long. You shouldn’t have to worry about the cost and trouble of having to remove the solar panels to re-roof if you replace the roof prior to installing the panels. The simplest course of action is to do everything at once. Although it costs more upfront, it may end up saving you money over time.

If you put off replacing your roof to get a few more years out of the present one, the cost of the panel removal and reinstallation may increase by thousands of dollars. It generally doesn’t make sense to replace your roof by installing solar if it is almost new. It should be sufficient to conduct an examination and take care of any minor repairs. However, it may be wise to hasten replacement by a few years if the roof is old or badly needed.

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