4 Tips to Clear Cannabis Smell Infographic

We’ve all encountered that uncomfortable scenario when an unanticipated visitor is on their way, and our home happens to be permeated with the scent of cannabis. Whether it’s a sober friend, a younger relative, or even your landlord, the urgency of masking the aroma cannot be overstated. Thankfully, there exists an array of proficient tactics to promptly and inconspicuously eradicate the residual cannabis fragrance.

Preventing the Odor

To prevent your space from smelling like cannabis in the first place, it’s crucial to invest in proper storage solutions. Bid farewell to inadequate plastic baggies or old plastic wrap; they won’t suffice. Instead, opt for airtight glass jars with tightly sealing lids or durable smell-proof bags made from thick materials with solid, sealable openings. These containers not only keep the weed scent contained but also preserve the delightful aroma of your cannabis, enhancing your overall smoking experience.

Enhancing Ventilation

When your space already smells like cannabis, the key is to refresh the air. The smell of weed lingers because cannabis molecules are present in the air. To combat this, open windows, utilize fans, and promote air circulation. This process reduces the concentration of cannabis molecules, transforming your space from a cannabis-scented room into a breath of fresh air. For even better results, consider smoking near an open window when weather permits, or create a DIY sploof to further minimize indoor odors.

Cleaning and Refreshing

Cannabis odor isn’t limited to the air; it clings to surfaces throughout your home. To combat this issue effectively, begin by vacuuming carpets and cleaning cloth items like curtains, rugs, and furniture, which tend to absorb and emit odors. For a comprehensive cleaning, craft a DIY solution using water, dish soap, and vinegar to wash your walls. This not only eliminates smoke residues but also imparts a pleasing fragrance to your living space, replacing the cannabis scent with a more inviting aroma. These steps ensure a thorough and fresh-smelling environment, eradicating not just the air odor but also surface residue for a complete transformation.

Masking the Odor

When other methods fall short or after improving ventilation and cleaning, consider employing a masking strategy. Strongly scented candles, incense, or the aroma of cooking can effectively conceal the cannabis smell. For a long-term solution, choose scents that complement or resemble cannabis, such as incense with fragrances like sandalwood, cinnamon, or myrrh. Alternatively, opt for candles with scents like vanilla, cinnamon, or brown sugar. These robust aromas can overpower any remaining traces of cannabis smell, leaving your space smelling fresh and inviting.

Don’t let the fear of unexpected visitors ruin your cannabis enjoyment. With these expert tips, you can swiftly eliminate cannabis odors from your living space, ensuring a discreet and enjoyable environment for yourself and your guests. Whether through proper storage, improved ventilation, thorough cleaning, or strategic masking, you have the tools to maintain a fresh and welcoming home atmosphere.

Keep in mind that these strategies are versatile and can effectively combat a range of undesirable odors, maintaining a consistently pleasant atmosphere in your home.

source: https://ryot.com/use-these-tips-to-quickly-eliminate-cannabis-smell/


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