4 Tips to Hire Employees with Integrity Infographic4 Tips to Hire Employees with Integrity

To be an effective and efficient human resource officer, you must know who and when to hire for vacant positions. Employees are the core component of an organization and choosing the wrong one will affect its stability, growth, and development. Since it is the job of a human resource officer, they must also have the right tools and set of criteria that will allow them to evaluate the applicant so that they won’t hire the unqualified. In most cases, the characteristic of a person that is needed the most by the hiring company is stated in its announcement of the vacancy. Whether they have that personal characteristic or not, certainly they would try their luck and apply for the job. How can you ensure that you will land on the applicant with integrity?

1. You can add it on your post like “person with integrity”. Question is, will that work easily? Well, not really. The measurement of integrity cannot be given by the person being assessed but instead, other people can do so. Unless you are welcoming fresh graduates, you can be explicit by including criteria of work experience.

2. If you are able to screen all of the applications, choose the applicants passing the minimum qualification standards but they have to go through the interview portion. If you are seeking for the person with integrity, it should be included in your line of questioning. You don’t need to ask directly whether they possess integrity or not, but you can provide questions that will show whether they have it or not. Of course, you must also make questions that will not be very obvious. Yet, avoid questions that will be discriminatory especially among the minority. Therefore, you must plan out your questions. Be strategic about it and weave it to show off the real personality of the applicant.

3. Administering psychological tests are often part of the recruitment and selection process. However, if you intend to be specific in your quest to find the perfect one, you can get a personality test designed for such kind of characteristic. Halo error is a common error when assessing an applicant. Though you are looking for a person with integrity, do not be so fixated about it. Remember that integrity can’t be tested my mere examinations but it can be evaluated after a few weeks of being in work. So, judge the person holistically.

4. Another way to check the integrity of the person is through asking the applicant’s previous employers. You don’t need to be discreet about it. Instead, be frank about why you are asking about the integrity of the applicant. If you got more time, you can ask three or more employers. If they provide the same answers and a solid description of the applicant’s integrity, you can give it a shot. What if the applicant is a first-time jobseeker? You can ask their previous professors or school administrators.

5. Getting the right employee for a position will take time and effort but certainly, it will be worth it.

source: https://perelson.com/how-to-hire-employees-with-integrity/


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