4 Ways to Make Bathroom Tiles Look New Infographic

What good there would be if you keep your bathroom shiny, comfortable and clean? Some people take for granted their bathroom because you get inside it twice or thrice a day only especially if you are working. However, for those staying in their house for a longer period of time, having a clean bathroom makes them feel at peace because whoever visits the house and would like to get urinate, showing them the bathroom will make you proud because even this part of the house is clean. For moms out there, having a nice bathroom can be one of their pride. Furthermore, as you keep on using the bathroom, there is a high chance that the tiles can discolour or get dirty. Replacing it with new ones can be expensive for you. Hence, this infographic is made. Follow the tips listed here and you can surely regain that shining and pleasant looking bathroom.

1. The tiles also need cleaning and brushing. Using soap is fine but it may not be able to produce the best result possible. Instead, you can use industrial solutions that can be bought in supermarkets. You might wonder if these solutions will cause discoloration. In some instance, yes, it would. That is why before using the solution; you must first read the product information. Do not immediately pour it. More so, follow the instructions carefully because it might get your hands burned when soaked in it for a long period of time.

2. What about the stains and dirty grout? These are the ones that make the tiles look very ugly. You can see it as brown lines that appear like breakage on the tiles. Sometimes, it looks like there is soil trapped inside of it. But worry less because you can still eliminate it through simple brushing using a grout cleaner. Once you remove the stain, you can use the grout sealer so that no dirt can be trapped inside.

3. Most of all, preventive maintenance is an effective and efficient way to keep your bathroom tiles look better. By regular washing, brushing and cleaning, you can get rid of the dirt every time you use the bathroom. You can wash it daily but the maintenance cleaning should be done regularly which could be weekly or twice a week depending on your preferences.

4. If you can be more artistic with your tiles, why not? There are now paintings available for your ceramic tiles. You can change the original color so that the appeal or ambiance of the bathroom will be homy and tranquil. You can also show your personality through these tiles but choosing several color combinations. You can opt for a minimalist looking bathroom or a more vibrant one with multiple light colors to make it appear accommodating and welcoming to guests, visitors, and even family members.

5. These are just suggestions if the tiles do not look bad after all. However, if the color and the tiles are broken and are beyond repair, it is recommended that you replace it. You can find experts to do a bathroom remodelling for you.

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/how-to-make-your-bathroom-tiles-look-like-new/


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