4 Ways to Make High-Rise Buildings Safer Infographic

Tall buildings are often one of the most targeted places in a country. This is because of loose security and that tracking people’s activities inside the building can be difficult to do. High rise buildings will have plenty of floors, with many doors, tenants, businesses and employees and even guest, clients or visitors who would do transactions on the building at any time of the day. One of the ways that security personnel track down who is entering the building and what transactions they have in there is through a logbook. However, if you are a person with negative intentions in the facility, logging in for obvious reasons can be easily done. This is the reason why most building owners would buy security software to ensure that people will be hesitant in attempting robbery or any other risks and tragedies. This infographic provides additional insights on how you can ensure the safety and security of a building with plenty of levels.

1. Controlling access points should be effectively done. Restraining a person from entering a floor where their office is not located can be disrespectful. Instead, you need to install a system that gives them access to floors where they are located. It could be in the form of a badge, ID or swipe cards. This can be easily done if the person is an employee of the building. However, what about the visitors? You can’t simply provide all of the badges or swipe cards. So, one option is to install security software where the background of a visitor will be stored and you can easily retrieve it when the need arises.

2. Elevators play an important role in keeping the security of the building. There are floor levels that are considered restricted. Hence, this should be properly explained to the building personnel. You can provide passes to both employees and guests if they really need to enter a floor level that is restricted but at least make them accompanied by security personnel.

3. Protecting the building requires knowing and vigilantly observing how people inside the organization behave. That can only be done by installing video surveillance inside the building or offices. However, remember some rules on the privacy act so that you will not violate the right of a person. The exemption to where the camera can access the movements of the people inside the building is a comfort room.

4. Guarding against the inside will do no good if the terrorist is already in. You can do preventive measures which means that you must know who are the people entering the building or attempting to enter. Commonly known as CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, it should also be installed outside the building. Finding a strategic place could be helpful in minimizing possible attempts of building takeovers. However, of course, there must be a person responsible for monitoring external video surveillance. Once a suspicious person shows up, the security personnel should be alerted so that he/she can do no damage inside the building.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/making-high-rise-buildings-safer/


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