4 Ways to Repurpose Baseball Hats Infographic
Baseball can’t be replaced in a fan’s heart. A fan would collect items that are associated with the game. Commonly, they would buy baseball hats so that they can wear it whenever they watch a game. A fan would buy baseball hats that come in many colors, designs, or styles.

Sometimes, the cap would be used again but most often they would buy another one because each cap represents one game. However, if you got too many baseball hats already, what are you going to do with this stuff? The two alternatives are to either throw them or stack them. But, you can actually repurpose them. This infographic will clear your mind on what else is the purpose of that old baseball cap. This infographic will also give tips on how you can store them properly.

1. Have you heard of a Salvation Army? It is an institution that accepts any kind of donation. Of course, this institution is not the only one in the country. The point here is that you can donate the old baseball hat to any charity institutions because they might still be benefited from it. The best part is that you partake in a great cause and you did not add a pile of garbage in your trash cans. So, hurry up, look up online, and see which institution could be the best receiver for your valued baseball hats.

2. It is a fact that some people are innately business-minded and they would not let any of their belongings go to waste without making a profit from it. If you are this kind of person, you can actually sell a few of your hats, especially it was made with great quality materials. More importantly, it has some potential to be a collector’s item. Vintage hats and autographed ones tend to be more profitable.

3. If you don’t want to sell it and you also don’t want to give it to charity, then you can just store it. Some people feel fulfillment just by seeing their hats especially if good memories were made while they were wearing it. Stacking it inside your closet is not really a good option. Instead, get a shower curtain rod and put the hats on the shower curtain rings. You can let it stay inside your closet for as long as you can because it will be protected against dust and other materials that might ruin the cap.

4. Do you have an artistic side? You can repurpose the hat by using your ingenuity. If the hats that you owned have already worn off, you can’t sell it, you can’t wear it and you can’t also just store there. Hence, you must do something about it. It can serve as additional to your overlarge shirt or patches on your jeans. You must learn how to upcycle your hats and other things you have.

5. You can still of many other ways. Whenever you got the idea, do it. You can never tell what luck it could bring to you.

source: https://acmehatco.com/too-many-baseball-caps-try-these-four-options/


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