4 Ways to Strike Back Against 2 Types of Amazon Hijackers Infographic

Online selling is one way of gaining income and an opportunity for everyone. The challenge, as well as the opportunity in Amazon selling, is obviously massive, but with that opportunity comes with a greater risk.

Now, let’s say – if you heard the “Amazon Hijackers” good for you. Since you are aware of it, you probably have ways to combat them.

What are the these Amazon Hijackers?

Amazon hijackers recently become a real threat. They don’t appear as they are leaving anytime soon. They are a threat but don’t let them stop you from starting your own business in Amazon. There are great ways to face them instead of abandoning and sacrificing your business.

As a matter of fact, you can adapt and learn how to stop these counterfeiters from overtaking your optimized product listing.

So let’s get started! But first we should differentiate the two types of Amazon hijackers:

1. Buy Box thieves – These guys undercut your Amazon price

Typically, these are foreign counterfeiters or bots that are running on an algorithm. However, some of the counterfeiters are Americans that trying to sabotage your online success.

These guys undercut your price by a thin margin and steal the buy box from you.

2. Leeches – They don’t own the buy box but they are annoying

These types of hijackers have no legitimate history or feedback – usually, these pests are bots. Most of them launched a brand new account before they began attacking yours.

The good thing today is that YOU are not powerless in the face of these pests. And there are several ethical hacks that you may use to rank your new Amazon products listing quickly that are not considered as stealing.

Below are some ideas for fighting back and protecting your listings.

  • Send a letter – You may call it a threatening letter
  • This resolution is effective and very surprising! You can start by inviting these guys to stop their menacing tactics. If they won’t listen, try to sharpen your tone and send an additional letter from your seller account. You don’t have to be rude, instead, do it with the firm. Let them know that you have the tools to get their Amazon seller account suspended and even threaten them to take legal actions.

  • Alert or report these Hijackers to Amazon
  • To report them, go to the Amazon Central Seller and hit the contact us button. After that, you can see the drop-down suggestions and select the “Report a Violation.”

    Now describe the situation precisely and include the imposter’s link. Mark your communication urgent, keeps it short – within two or three sentences.

    This method tends to get results in a matter of hours. Take note, this technique can easily pull down a leech but less successful against counterfeiters that move to great lengths to look them legitimate.

  • Become a customer – Use the Test Buy method

    The first two tactics are sufficient enough to shut down the pests. However, if you cannot you may use this method. If you can’t take them down as a seller then take them down as a customer.

    How? Purchase the counterfeit item and if they come in your door take some photos showing that it is fake. Then contact the Amazon, ask for a refund and prove a counterfeit claim toward the seller.

    Next, contact the seller performance using your photos, the details of your order and the link of the counterfeiter. Automatically you may hear feedback within a couple of days.

  • Use Brand Registry
  • Make use of the brand registry. Why? If you are enrolled with it, you can draw on their brand protection program to help you against counterfeiters. Remember, each of us is not powerless against fraud. There are always countermeasures to fight back. So, with the significant tricks above you finally able to fend off hijackers, leeches and other internet creeps with care.

    source: https://www.prospershow.com/media/prosper-blog/strike-back-against-amazon-hijackers


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