5 Acts of Sympathy Infographic

When someone you love is enduring a difficult time, you can be the bright spot of hope they need. Words of comfort and encouragement can be a lifeline. Simply letting them know you’re there and thinking of them can make a big difference. Offering a listening ear and a soft shoulder to hug or cry into can be incredibly therapeutic. Sometimes, just being there with some tissues and a pint of ice cream is all they need. Sending a basket of sweet treats like fruit, cupcakes, or cookies can also provide comfort. Gift baskets are a thoughtful choice for those in need of sympathy. If you want to avoid traditional options, consider non-traditional bouquets. Flowers aren’t the only choice; you can create bouquets from cookies or even origami money if you’re skilled. Lastly, acts of service can show your love and support. Doing something selfless, like running errands or cooking a meal, will mean the world to them. The specific service will depend on their needs, but your time and effort will be greatly appreciated.

source: https://www.chocolateshippedcookies.com/five-thoughtful-ways-to-show-sympathy/


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