5 Advantages of Avoiding Alcohol Infographic

As soon as we must give up something, like drinking, it’s easy to think about all the negative consequences of that decision. We can’t drink a beer while watching the game or at a family BBQ; we can’t unwind with a glass of wine after a long day; and it almost goes without saying that our late-night clubbing and pub crawling are over. Instead, that kind of thinking might hinder your growth by making you look back on the past through rose-tinted glasses, recalling all the fun you previously had and are now missing.

You Will Save a Ton of Buck

Alcohol is expensive and adds up rapidly. For instance, Joe works in an office and reserves his social drinking for the weekends, only sometimes enjoying a glass of wine after dinner at home. Joe will spend around $4,600 a year if he just has three drinks per evening on the weekends (Friday through Sunday), or a total of nine drinks.

Alcohol Won’t Ever Cause You to Injure Yourself or Others

There is no possibility that you will wind up in jail or die because you choose to drive while intoxicated if you never had that drink. Because you were either too drunk to care or didn’t even understand what you were doing, you will never leap from that building. And you won’t ever yell at your boss in a drunken text or email about losing your job.

You Will Feel More Attached to Friends, Loved Ones

Reality can become distorted when drinking. That is, in part, one of the reasons it continues to be so well-liked as a form of entertainment and escape. Additionally, drinking serves as a kind of social lubricant, promoting pleasant conversation and quick camaraderie during social interactions. But many of those relationships will appear incredibly superficial when you examine them in the clear light of sobriety. Focus and concentration are necessary to relate to one another as human beings.

You Will Enjoy Better Condition (and You May Even Lose Weight)

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), our country lost over $249 billion in 2010 because of excessive alcohol usage, $28 billion of which was used to pay for healthcare expenses alone. Casual drinking has its own negative health effects, even while excessive drinking entails severe lethal dangers. Alcohol can raise your risk of getting cancer of the breast (in females), colon, rectum, esophagus, mouth, throat, larynx, and liver.

You Will Discover New Ways to Network Socially

You don’t have to spend your entire night out with your buddies in a pub or club. In fact, that’s probably the last place you want to be if you’re trying to stop drinking. Consider several different options, like bolting from an escape chamber, going bowling, or using a couple of axes.

Would you desire to stop drinking but lack the knowledge to do so? Then getting in touch with an alcohol rehab facility can be worthwhile. Renaissance Ranch substance addiction center counselors can help you lead a life free of alcohol even if you don’t think you have a full-blown alcohol use problem.

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