5 Aspects of Your Life Affected by Untreated Depression Infographic

Every day, millions of Americans battle depression. Less than 30% of those who have depression, however, receive treatment. Depression is very treatable if caught early. It comes with significant risks if untreated. The following five areas of your life will suffer if depression is not treated:

Relationships and Social Life

Depression is a cyclical issue since it affects the quality of your relationships and certain aspects of your relationships impact how depressed you are. Untreated depression might cause you to feel more frustrated and angry or to act violently. Your illness may hamper communication with others. You might feel less invested and pay less attention to other people. You could find it difficult to enjoy being with people, and you risk isolating yourself.

Work and Education

Making wise selections can be severely hampered by depression. You can be absent more regularly or frequently arrive late and depart early. It’s challenging to concentrate or retain new knowledge. Depression may affect your interest in the activities that you once found thrilling or rewarding. You’ll feel less motivated or have less energy for regular duties.

Over time, both your general attendance and performance will deteriorate. You never know how far you’ll go to hide your symptoms when you have a mental health problem, especially untreated depression, at work or school. You can feel anxious about how you are feeling or handling difficult circumstances.

Personal Health Care

If you have untreated depression, alcohol and drug use are prevalent. It assists you in ignoring the symptoms in the short term, but it may lead to a substance use issue. Symptoms include self-pity, memory loss, tremors, secretive behavior, and use, and an unwillingness to discuss alcohol or drugs, besides the inability to sustain relationships.

Because it is a depressive, alcohol might make your depression symptoms worse. You are more likely to commit suicide if you self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. It could be necessary for your treatment to be personalized to address both your substance use and depression.

Additional Mental Health Issues

Any mental health issue automatically makes you more vulnerable to others. You can connect untreated depression to other mental health conditions, including social phobia, panic disorder, and specifically anxiety disorders. Uncontrolled anxiety is usually a side effect of untreated depression.

Physical Health

Depression that is left untreated has a significant impact on physical health. You are more prone to participate in dangerous conduct that can cause illnesses and infections when using drugs, alcohol, or during sexual relations. Long-term, this may cause excessive weight gain or obesity, increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and heart attacks.

In order to cope with your emotions, you could engage in self-mutilation, like cutting. Alternatively, you can start experiencing suicidal thoughts or making an attempt. Your untreated depression is likely to cause you to pass away too soon or to have complications from other medical conditions that depression causes.

Get Depression Treatments Support

While some people achieve relief with just medicine or conversation therapy, the majority will require both. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a more recent and minimally invasive alternative depression treatment in Lakewood that can treat both depression and anxiety concurrently.

It’s doubtful that depression will go away on its own. Frequently, the symptoms keep becoming worse and developing. It may result in subpar work and academic performance, as well as disturbed sleep. Suicidal thoughts and substance use issues may result from it. Speak to your doctor about the symptoms you’re noticing before it’s too late to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one. Taking proper care of your mental health lowers the possibility of undesirable outcomes.

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