5 Bathroom Combination Trailer Advantages Infographic

We love iconic duos, and our favorite has to be the shower and restroom combination trailer. This pairing is excellent for many events, offering a blend of cost-effectiveness, unmatched convenience, a luxurious feel, and sanitary features. A three-stall shower and toilet combination trailer costs around $60,000, saving you upwards of $30,000 compared to separate units. For a similar price, you get more units and greater convenience. Just like at home, having the shower and toilet in the same room simplifies life, and the combination trailer provides that ease on wheels.

These trailers are available with luxury options like solar power, Wi-Fi, marble-effect showers, towel hooks, and comfy benches, often feeling more posh than your home bathroom. They also include self-contained collection tanks, preventing waste spillage and pollution, with easy servicing through local waste management. Comfort features like hot, pressurized water ensure guests feel clean and refreshed, avoiding the cold, unpleasant shower experiences of camps and festivals. The combination trailer truly elevates any event with its practicality and comfort.

source: https://www.portablerestroomtrailers.com/blog/shower-bathroom-combination-trailers/


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