5 Bathroom Remodeling Myths Infographic

One thing that people usually have misconceptions about is treating repair, renovation or remodelling as a mere expense rather than thinking of it as an investment. There are many kinds of benefits that you can get from bathroom remodelling; may it be quantitative or qualitative in nature. Some household members would think that it is just a caprice but that is only because they failed to recognize the long-term impact of a comfortable and pleasant bathroom. If any of your family members oppose in your plans of remodelling your bathroom, show them this infographic.

1. They would commonly say that you won’t regain your money by spending it on your bathroom. Tell them that if the house will be sold in the future, it will increase its value. That would mean a higher appraisal value hence getting more than what you have actually invested. If you don’t have any plans of selling the house, what amount could you assign to comfort and happiness? Before deciding whether you should pursue with your plan or not, weigh the cost and benefits including non-financial ones.

2. When you say bathroom remodelling, it is not replacing all of the items in your bathroom. There are a few parts that you may wish to retain. More so, you can retain all aspects of the room including space and furniture and simply remodel the parts you want to be removed. But, if you are planning to widen your bathroom and add a few facility or amenity such as a shower, tub, etc., you need to discuss this with your service providers because charges may also change.

3. Remodelling will not be expensive if you opted for simple yet matching items in your bathroom. It is the first rule, you must not spend more than your budget or else your bathroom may stop midway. Because of technology, you can now shop for many alternatives and you can choose for elegant looking items without spending too much. Due to shopping sites, your favourite bathroom piece may be available and can be shipped at door at a cheaper price.

4. Definitely, a bigger bathroom is nice. However, it is not a necessity. Unless, you are starting to build a house, making it big is easier. But, for remodelling, if you opted to make the bathroom bigger, you will need to cut a few spaces in its adjacent rooms. Again, it is your option but it is suggested that you don’t need to do it unless it is extremely necessary. You can also find a way to maximize the space you currently have. Through efficient interior designing, you can make the bathroom appear bigger than its original space dimensions.

5. A separate shower and tub is ideal but does not need to be real if the situation does not allow you to do so. Instead, consider functionality. Having it may not be crucial to your happiness but by focusing on how the family would be able to maximize the use of the bathroom, you can address your need and their needs at the same time.

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/dont-believe-these-bathroom-remodeling-myths/


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