5 Benefits of a CGM Infographic

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) can help you manage your diabetes better and keep track of your glucose levels. It lets you spot highs and lows, so you can decide what to do next based on accurate information. This can be very helpful for people who have trouble keeping their blood sugar levels in check. One of the best things about a CGM is that it can keep track of blood sugar levels all the time, which can help prevent low or high blood sugar. You can only take readings at specific intervals with other methods, such as finger sticks or Dexcom tape patches. A CGM helps by providing real-time data, so potential problems can be addressed immediately. A CGM is also useful because it can communicate with other devices such as insulin pumps or Omnipod Over Patch systems. This lets you know when your glucose level changes so that you can adjust your insulin dose accordingly. Additionally, it can be used to estimate future blood glucose trends, which can help predict when levels may go too low or too high. Here are five reasons why you should consider using a CGM:

DKA Prevention and A Lower A1C

CGMs give glucose readings in real-time, making it easier to track how glucose and insulin levels change throughout the day. CGMs also allow for greater freedom in meal planning. This can help prevent diabetic ketoacidosis, often known as DKA, which can develop when glucose levels are too high. Your A1C measures how well you have controlled your glucose levels over the past three months. You can lower your A1C by checking your blood sugar regularly and changing your insulin when necessary.

Hypoglycemia Awareness

Continuous glucose monitors, also called CGMs, let people know when their blood glucose levels drop below a certain level. This makes it simpler to detect hypoglycemia episodes before they become more severe. Some of these systems can even be made more comfortable and accurate by using a Dexcom tape patch or an Omnipod Over patch in conjunction with the device.

Fewer Needle Sticks

CGMs make it, so you don’t have to prick your finger many times throughout the day to check your glucose levels. This is particularly useful for children who frequently have difficulty enduring the discomfort of having their fingers poked more than once.

Improved Activity Levels

CGMs measure glucose levels regularly so insulin can be changed more precisely and in time before physical activity. This makes it less likely that people will have low blood sugar while active, making them feel tired or weak.

Child Safety

CGMs give parents of diabetic children peace of mind because they can check and adjust their children’s glucose levels regularly. Watching children while they are sleeping or playing with the Medtronic CGM patches is much simpler than waking them up for a finger prick every few minutes.

Utilizing a CGM is associated with a significant number of positive outcomes overall. By maintaining A1C levels low and providing hypoglycemia alarms at the appropriate times, CGMs can assist persons with diabetes in better managing their disease and improving their health outcomes.

source: https://skingrip.com/blogs/tech/5-reasons-you-need-a-cgm


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