5 Benefits of Flat Roof Pergolas Infographic

Pergola roofs can have domes, curved, or flat surfaces. Some homeowners prefer flat roofs over pitched ones simply because flat roof construction is more effective and has a more eye-catching appearance. Also, pitched roofs require more time for water to drain off from the roof. Let us check the various elements the need for you to consider a flat roof pergola.

1. Versatile Design Choices

A pergola with a flat roof provides a mid-century modern vibe. With flat roofs, pergolas are fashionable, with clean, angular lines and a boxy appearance. Flat roof pergolas are preferred because of their straightforward design.

However, there are other design alternatives to make your pergola reflect your style in addition to its structural beauty.

  • Hue – You should make sure that the pergola you build blends nicely with the style and color of your house. Select the appropriate colors for your pergola.
  • Material Used – The materials used to build pergolas (and their roofs) include wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and Alumawood.
  • Fastened or Free-Standing – A flat-roof pergola can either be connected or free-standing. A standalone patio cover is convenient since it can be built anywhere on your property, establishing a distinct meeting area. An attached pergola gives the impression that your home is expanding naturally.

2. Personalization

You can further customize your pergola to fit your needs and preferences. The following are a few of the customizing possibilities:

  • Fabric Covers – Consider adding a detachable fabric cover to the pergola’s roof for more weather protection.
  • Automated Screens – Motorized screens allow you to quickly and easily provide shade for your pergola on all sides.
  • Hanging Plants – By incorporating some hanging plants, your pergola will become more appealing and will improve the air quality on your patio.
  • Insulated Roof Panels – Add some insulated roof panels to your pergola to help ward off the sweltering summer heat and maintain a more comfortable environment.
  • Louvered Patio Roof System – Including a motorized louvered roof system in your pergola will allow you to precisely manage the amount of sun or shade you have there.
  • Fans – Install fans on the pergola’s roof to assist the air circulation even more and to keep the space cool.
  • Misting Systems – Installing misting systems all around the roof of your pergola will help you manage the heat.
  • LED Lighting – You can take advantage of the cooler nighttime air by installing some LED lighting in your pergola.

3. Proper Drainage

Unfortunately, Arizona doesn’t get a lot of rain. You shouldn’t be concerned about drainage troubles when we do, though.

4. Cozy Outdoor Living Space

An oasis in your own backyard is made possible by a flat-roof pergola. The open roof structure promotes air flow, provides shade, and lets in a small amount of sunlight.

5. Less Costly Than Other Options

A pergola with a flat roof is less expensive to build when labor and material costs are taken into consideration than pergolas with gabled or curved roofs. The installation of flat roofs is also simpler than that of pitched roofs.

source: https://royalcovers.com/why-you-should-choose-a-flat-roof-pergola/


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