5 Benefits of Flatbed Towing Classic Cars

Classic cars are more than just vehicles; they are pieces of history, symbols of nostalgia, and cherished investments. Restoring and maintaining a vintage automobile requires significant time, money, and effort, sometimes totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Given your dedication to your classic car, ensuring its safe transportation becomes paramount. It is where flatbed towing steps in as the ultimate solution to protect your valuable investment. Flatbed towing may not be required for an everyday car that needs to be relocated, but for a car totaled in an accident, flatbed towing or wrecker towing might be the only viable option. The condition of a car impacts whether or not a flatbed tow truck is necessary. And in the case of a classic car, flatbed towing is definitely the recommended route. This infographic will explore the five key advantages of using flatbed towing for your classic car.

1. Adjustments

When towing a vehicle, doing it incorrectly can lead to severe consequences, especially for the transmission. Various vehicles have specific towing requirements, with some needing adjustments like removing the drive shaft before towing. However, flatbed towing stands out as a no-adjustment method. Your classic car can be securely transported on a flatbed tow truck without altering or disassembling any components of your painstaking restoration work.

2. Damage

Traditional wheel-lift tow trucks leave at least two wheels of the vehicle in contact with the road during transport. While this method can be suitable for everyday cars, it exposes classic cars to potential harm from stones, rocks, debris, and those ever-annoying potholes that seem to appear out of nowhere. Flatbed towing, conversely, ensures your precious vehicle remains securely positioned on the platform, shielding it from road debris and minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

3. Cleanliness

Classic car owners understand the value of a meticulously maintained vehicle. A few bug splatters might be inevitable during any type of tow service, but a car lifted off the roadway is far more likely to arrive cleaner than one dragged along the pavement. Flatbed towing, therefore, not only ensures the safety of your classic car but also keeps it in a pristine, showroom-ready condition.

4. Wear-and-Tear

Tires are not just a functional component of a classic car; they are integral to its overall appearance. If you want the tire tread on your classic car to appear untouched and perfect after a tow service, flatbed towing is not merely an option but a necessity.

5. Mileage

Towing a vehicle can add to its mileage, depending on the towing method and the type of odometer. Flatbed towing offers a clear advantage here, as it prevents the car’s wheels from continually rotating during transport. This means that flatbed towing won’t ramp up the mileage on your classic car.

Towing a vehicle is not without risks, particularly when carried out by inexperienced individuals. Incorrect towing procedures can lead to damage or even accidents. In contrast, entrusting the transportation of your classic car to a reputable truck towing company offering flatbed towing ensures a safe, seamless, and professional move from one point to another.

source: https://roadsiderescueinc.com/5-advantages-of-flatbed-towing-your-classic-car/


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