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Since the very beginning, Delta Sigma Theta has placed an enormous priority on serving. Extensive community service is one of the prerequisites for entrance, and chapters often organize volunteer opportunities for sorors. You express your commitment in giving back to your community as much as you can by making a sorority pledge. There are actions you can do to make serving more fulfilling for both you and the people you serve. Let’s start by looking at the areas of service that Delta Sigma Theta focuses on.

In the declaration of its purpose, Delta Sigma Theta lists five areas of civic engagement where sorors might volunteer their time and efforts. These programs support the upward trajectory of African American families, individuals, and communities. Projects in the following categories are included in the Five-Point Programmatic Thrust:

Growth of the Economy.

Sorority members may give the community assistance in developing financial literacy through a program called Financial Fortitude. Budgeting, estate planning, and everything in between is all covered in the course material.

Learning Development.

Numerous initiatives have been created and are being implemented by Delta Sigma Theta sisters in an effort to assist African American adolescents in realizing their potential, being inspired to pursue higher education, and learning how to establish and achieve objectives. Sorors are given the opportunity to mentor and have a good effect on both young men and women at a critical juncture in their lives through Delta Gems, Delta Academy, and EMBODI.

Participation and Awareness on a Global Scale.

Through initiatives in nations like South Africa, Delta Sigma Theta sorors have had a significant influence on anything from new school buildings with potable water to orphanages.

Physical and Mental Health.

The DeltaCare program fosters healthy behaviors both for sorority members and their families. Self-care is promoted and taught in the form of psychological and physical wellness.

Political Knowledge and Engagement.

Delta sorors are aware of the potential effects of laws and regulations. Delta sorors have fought tenaciously for equal rights for all people throughout the suffrage campaign and beyond and still so now. The Social Action Commission encourages its Delta members to get politically active.

These initiatives are substantial and comprehensive. Your service doesn’t have to be restricted to projects supported by these organizations, but they do offer fantastic chances for you to donate your time, talents, and abilities. Here are some ideas for enhancing your participation in one or more of these programs in light of these initiatives.

Keep in mind that the service you are offering aims to make people’s lives better and elevate your neighborhood. You aren’t there to pose for pictures. You are there to make a good impression. There is nothing improper about recording your experience when it is acceptable. Just be aware of how you use your time since people can tell if your efforts aren’t sincere. You will serve others more effectively and benefit more personally from the experience when you have a clear understanding of who and why you are serving.

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