5 Best Places to Install a Pergola Infographic

A properly positioned pergola is a wonderful improvement to any yard. Pergolas not only provide much-needed shade, but they may also serve as a wonderful yard focal point. However, if a pergola is positioned carelessly, it could detract from your outdoor enjoyment. So, don’t commit that error. When selecting the ideal location for your new outdoor area, take the following factors into account.

1. Where the Shade Is Most Needed

Where you need shade the most should be your first and most important consideration when deciding where to put your pergola.

Think about the time of day you utilize your backyard the most to help you decide where the shade would be most useful. The majority of people will experience this in the late afternoon and early evening. Then you should consider the sun’s location at that time of day.

You should also think about where your house is located and whether there are any nearby trees or structures that might already offer shade. To make the most of the shaded places in your yard, pick a location that doesn’t already enjoy it.

How much shadow you want on your property is a different factor to take into account. Your electric cost may go down if you have a pergola directly next to your home since it keeps the area cooler. However, the additional cover also means that less natural light will enter your house.

2. Over an Existing Deck or Patio

It makes sense to have your new pergola installed over any decks or patios you already have. The ideal method to enhance a location you already utilize is with a pergola.

Yes, items like patio umbrellas, which are far less expensive, might go well with your patio table. However, they don’t usually last very long and only offer a small amount of coverage. Patio covers with pergolas are a much better choice.

3. Level Ground

Even though it might seem obvious, this is important to note. Make sure the ground is level before deciding where to put your new pergola. Your pergola will be stable as a result. Additionally, it will make pergola installation much simpler. It can be a good idea to hire a contractor to help level the ground if the perfect location for your pergola is unlevel.

Additionally, stay away from putting up your pergola on wet clay or unstable ground. Any construction is best off with a strong foundation.

4. Entertaining

The majority of individuals don’t install a patio cover only to leave it unattended. A patio cover’s main function is to create the perfect area for gathering. As a result, the pergola’s position should be where you will spend the most time entertaining.

5. Your Yard

Sadly, not every yard is made equal. Consider these factors to make sure your pergola doesn’t look out of place. A pergola looks excellent if it’s in the right place. You will undoubtedly find the ideal site if you take into account everything covered in this infographic.

source: https://royalcovers.com/where-should-i-install-my-pergola/


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