5 Budget Watch Tricks Infographic

Collecting watches on a budget can be both rewarding and manageable with a few strategic approaches. One effective method is to explore smaller or newer brands, which often offer beautiful timepieces at more affordable prices. Brands like Baltic, Olivia Burton, and Unimatic, known as microbrands, deliver quality without the high costs associated with more famous names. Watch forums and auctions are another excellent resource; enthusiasts often sell watches at lower prices, seeking buyers who will appreciate their value. These platforms can be treasure troves for finding unique pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, selling or trading parts of your collection can help you acquire new watches without significant financial outlay. This method allows you to negotiate deals and find rare items, adding excitement to the collecting process. Changing out watch straps is a cost-effective way to refresh your collection. A simple swap can dramatically alter a watch’s appearance, making it seem like you have a new piece to wear. Lastly, investing in reputable watch repair and regular servicing can save money in the long run by preventing expensive fixes. Proper maintenance ensures your watches remain in top condition, preserving their value and functionality. Following these strategies allows you to collect watches without straining your budget.

source: https://www.timesticking.com/5-tips-for-budget-minded-watch-lovers/


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