5 Child Support Facts Infographic

When a man isn’t married to the mother of a child, he still has responsibilities toward the child’s upbringing. These responsibilities encompass physical, emotional, and financial support, including child support payments. Child support is distinct from alimony or spousal support and is mandated by courts to ensure the child’s well-being. Acknowledged or presumed fathers, even without DNA confirmation, are liable for child support. While DNA tests can aid in determining paternity, court decisions may prioritize presumed paternity over genetic evidence in certain cases, prioritizing the child’s welfare. Managing child support obligations can be complex, but tools like co-parenting expense trackers can facilitate transparent communication and financial management between unwed parents, streamlining the process and ensuring the child’s needs are met.

source: https://www.dcomply.com/do-i-still-owe-child-support-if-i-never-married-my-babys-mother/


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