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Thanksgiving is almost here, which means Black Friday is also around the corner! As the seasons draws nearer, you may already be planning what to buy to get those big, big discounts on the electronics, clothing, or toy sections in the retail stores near you. However, problems can happen to some who are so focused on getting the deal of the season.

Throughout the years, incidents of people getting trampled in stores due to rushes in discount products and gunshots being fired due to fights breaking over merchandise have been documented. In parking spaces and roads, rude or distracted drivers have also caused minor to fatal accidents in the past.

Here are five of the most common problems you can experience during the retail holiday rush, and some tips to avoid them as you go on with your shopping.

1. Car accidents. Perhaps the most common problem that can arise due to the high volume of people out in the road, most of them distracted by the thoughts of the day’s purchases, are traffic accidents ranging from minor bumps to deadly collisions. To avoid these kinds of issues, make sure to follow all traffic rules and buckle up for safety. Avoid piling up so many things in your car that you have a hard time seeing out of your windows. Stay off your phone and avoid any distractions when driving.

2. Slip and fall accidents. Many people rushing and pouring into a store in a day can cause a massive disorder. The floors may be littered with items such as toys and clothes. Spilled drinks or food may also cause sections of the floor to become slippery. To ensure you don’t trip or fall due to these things, inspect the floor first before entering an area. If you notice any spills on the floor, call the store staff to clean the mess to protect yourself and others.

3. People blocking emergency exits. Because a store may be packed with customers, emergency exits may be blocked. To ensure order and safe passage out of the store in emergency cases, always identify the exits and inform the store staff if there is no clear path to them.

4. Acts of violence. As emotions are running at an all-time high, people can do things they may regret. For instance, there have been a number of recorded shootings due to shopping-related conflicts. If you see things starting to heat up between people, alert officials and keep a safe distance from the conflict. If you yourself feel tempted to confront other shoppers over a parking spot or an item on sale, remember that safety is your top priority. Walking away is better than getting hurt.

5. Falling merchandise. Shoppers may bump stacked items in stores causing falling debris on other people. In order for this not to happen, avoid reaching for merchandise too high up the shelf and stay out of areas with potential falling items.

These potential hazards and problems can be avoided by staying safe as you shop this Thanksgiving weekend. Avoid turning this retail holiday to “Black-eye Friday”. If you do become injured during this season, be sure to contact an accident attorney to help you file an injury claim.



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