5 Common Injuries from Car Wrecks Infographic

It is a given fact that when the car is tremendously ruined, there is a higher chance that both the passengers and the drivers will be affected. They would suffer pain that can be felt all over their body. You don’t want to experience this right? What exactly are those injuries that you might need to sustain in case you get yourself involved in a car accident? This infographic will enlighten you and will persuade you to drive more carefully the next time you hit the wheels. It also provides an overview of the possible consequence of reckless driving. Better avoid all of these by always wearing your seatbelt and following all the driving codes of conduct.

1. First on the list is the head injury. The skull is indeed hard but it can still be penetrated especially if the car is wrecked. There are times when the victim who got an injury in the head does not show the earliest signs of pain and they will simply neglect it. After a few days or weeks, the pain will sink in and they will realize that there was a concussion or a hemorrhage inside. Hence, if you felt like something has hit your head even if there was no injury in the surface, get yourself checked so that it will not be a cause for other head problems.

2. Whiplash is also a common injury due to a car accident. When the car hits a tree, a post or anything concrete, your body will be thrown in or out of the car. It will result in pain in your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. You might try to cover your body with your hands or anything that is reachable. But, you will not be able to escape the trauma of the impact.

3. A ruptured disc is never good because it affects your central vertebrae or the spinal column. The impact of the injury will focus on that center part of your body and it will cause you to lie in bed for a few days. Also, you must check the physician as soon as you feel the pain because delaying the medication might cause more damage to your body.

4. Have you ever felt like some of your bones have been dislocated? This is really possible because your body will hit the interior of the car, or in the worst cases, you will be thrown out of the vehicle. If you are still conscious after the incident, you must tell the emergency response team about which parts of your body seemed to have broken bones.

5. Laceration of the skin can be seen easily. You can feel that your skin seems scraped or torn out and sometimes the wound is very deep. How could you get this laceration during car accidents? When the windows of the car hit concrete materials, it will shatter and broken glasses can cause wounds in your skin. The best thing that you need to do is always to consult the doctor right after the accident, even if you think you still feel fine.

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