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With the help of the internet, you can easily disseminate to a large number of people the business you are offering—whether it is in the form of products or services. However, with the maximum use of the internet, some entrepreneurs failed to focus on what the customers need. They tend to engage in the business without enough research, whether it would click in the market or not easy way of offering the business is available through the tip of your fingers. As a result, their business failed, their time, money and energy are all wasted.

Entrepreneurs would not settle for something like this, they will pull all their resources just to make their businesses click on the market. Thus, a well-planned and systematic strategy must be applied from the very start of your business to ensure that there would be a return of investment in the end. This infographic provides important reminders that will help you avoid mistakes in your internet marketing campaign.

1. Market research, methods, and techniques as well as testing the campaign were not efficient. Some businesses become so urgent that they launch the marketing program even without properly understanding the channels or media to be used and be able to capture the right target market. More often than not, they focus only on paid and free advertisements such as on Facebook and Twitter, when in fact, the internet offers a wide option for this.

2. The shotgun approach won’t be effective even on social media or any other internet platform. It has to be focused and market-oriented. Tailoring your marketing campaign to the actual end-users would give a higher return to any marketing campaign. Finding which platform the customer often went to could be your starting point. If you are living in a different time zone, some social media sites allow scheduled posts to ensure that it will be seen by intended audience just when you want them to see it.

3. Strategy in selling the business lacks creativity. Creativity is important in catching and encouraging customers to give a try on the products or services you are offering. You should incorporate catchy phrases and remarkable words that would stay in the mind of the users. Through this, your business would easily be remembered and would have a great chance of becoming famous.

4. Keeping the current customers became a failure. Once you failed to keep your current customers, it has a great impact on the success of your business since higher percentage would come from those who have tried whatever you are offering. Once they have bad experiences towards your business, it will duplicate and spread to hundreds of people. Thus, you need to make everything you can to satisfy your current customers.

5. Failed to center your business on the needs of potential customers. Your main intention is to provide the needs of your target customers. Doing a survey would help you determine the pulse of your target users. Through this, you would have a clearer picture of what they really need and want. You would eventually determine the strategy you would apply to provide and satisfy them.


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