5 Cookie Sheet Elements Infographic

When shopping for a new cookie sheet and jelly roll pan, several factors are crucial to ensure your next batch of cookies turns out perfectly. First, consider the color of the pan: light or medium-colored pans are ideal because they absorb less heat than dark-colored pans, preventing over-baked cookies. Thickness is another important aspect; a quality baking sheet should be thick and heavy-duty to avoid warping in high oven heat, ensuring even baking. Material is also key to performance. Aluminum is a popular choice due to its ability to heat up quickly, bake evenly, and its durability, all at an affordable price. While non-stick coatings might seem appealing, they tend to wear off over time and can lead to overly browned bottoms since many non-stick pans are dark-colored. Finally, stick with standard-sized pans, which accommodate most recipes and fit easily into any oven, making them versatile and convenient.

source: https://www.chocolateshippedcookies.com/the-deets-on-cookie-sheets/


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