5 Dandruff Triggers InfographicDandruff is a condition where dry, flaky skin from your scalp falls onto your hair and shoulders. Although it does not threaten your overall health, it can be an inconvenience and cause embarrassment. If you’re tired of dealing with dandruff, there are a few things you can do to prevent it from happening. Here’s a list of reasons why dandruff can show up, which will help you stay ahead of the game and prevent this annoyance as much as possible.

Fungal overgrowth

Bacteria and fungi play an important role in maintaining a healthy scalp, but sometimes they can cause problems. A particular fungus, called Malassezia, thrives on the natural oils produced by the scalp. When it feeds on these oils, it multiplies rapidly, leading to an overgrowth that can cause dandruff.

Excess oil

When you delay washing your hair for a bit too long or don’t use a strong enough shampoo, it may not get cleansed well enough, resulting in greasy hair. Besides being unhygienic and unsightly, oily hair can increase your chances of developing dandruff. As mentioned earlier, the oil on your scalp is a food source for bacteria, and the more there is, the more they will thrive, leading to a fungal outbreak.

Dry skin

It may seem contradictory, but both an excess of oil and dry skin can lead to dandruff. In the colder months, especially when our skin becomes excessively dry, it can become itchy and flaky, leading to dandruff. However, dry skin is not only caused by the weather but can also cause dandruff throughout the year.

Irritation from shampoo

As previously mentioned, some shampoos may cause dandruff as they can dry the scalp too much. Additionally, your scalp may not be compatible with the specific hair care products you are using, resulting in itchy, flaky, and irritated scalp, all indications of dandruff. In case you experience such symptoms, it is advisable to consider trying different hair care alternatives that better suit your needs.

Preexisting skin conditions

If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis, you may be more prone to getting dandruff. This is because these conditions can dry out or irritate your skin, including the skin under your hair.

Dandruff can arise from various factors, making it seem like an unavoidable condition. While it is reasonable to take preventive measures, controlling the weather to reduce dryness is not possible. Additionally, fungi and certain hair care products can also contribute to the problem.

If you’re looking for a dandruff shampoo that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, we recommend using a natural shampoo. These shampoos have soothing ingredients that will nourish your hair and keep your scalp clean and hydrated. Pine tar is a natural ingredient that comes from carbonized pine wood and is known to clean hair effectively while leaving a fresh and rugged forest scent.

Skip the chemicals and enjoy the snow from your window or on the slopes, but keep it off your shoulders by using natural materials.

source: https://www.packerspine.com/blogs/news/help-why-do-i-have-dandruff


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