5 DIY Denture Repair Fails Infographic

Dentures are a fantastic creation that improves with time as researchers discover new techniques to increase their comfort and naturalness. You carelessly protect them because they are also rather pricey objects. When one breaks as you are getting ready to leave town, you might believe you can fix it alone. However, many factors make this dangerous and more expensive over time.

It might sound over the top to describe DIY denture repair as unsafe. But hazardous materials like glue, cement, and epoxies are common. The harmful chemicals you might use to reassemble your dentures can be eroded by saliva, the same fluid that breaks down your food. These substances can affect your health and leave a terrible taste in your mouth.

When you’re done, your do-it-yourself fix can look fantastic. It won’t be noticed, right?

The Glue Doesn’t Hold

The glue on the open market is not resistant to continual contact with saliva. Your dentures will deteriorate and fall apart once more. You won’t only ingest harmful substances but also need to buy new dentures.


Even minor misalignment problems might result in unpleasant rubbing on your cheeks, roof of your mouth, or gums. Additionally, it indicates that chewing pressure needs to be applied uniformly. Uneven pressure can lead to adhesive failure and the spread of damage. The improper alignment of the teeth can also result in uneven wear on the remaining portions of your dentures (or natural teeth if you wear partial dentures). You should fix both halves rather than just one or require dental work on your natural teeth.

Spreading Damage

It takes some force to break a denture tooth. Whatever took place to fracture one tooth also created microfractures in the rest of the plate. An expert will examine the structural integrity of the complete denture. In this manner, minor damage is fixed before it spreads.

Denied Claims

Your insurance provider knows that DIY fixes sometimes result in later, more expensive problems. If you decide to handle the situation independently, they might reject any further warranty, repair, or replacement claims.

The Repair Causes More Damage

The surfaces of the denture plates and teeth can be damaged if the wrong instruments are used. Damage can lead to oral ulcers, making it harder for your teeth to stay firmly anchored to your gums and harbor infection.

If the damage is minor, some dental facilities can fix dentures there and then. Expect them to outsource the repair if there is significant damage. Denture repair might take a few days to weeks, depending on how busy they are.

Being toothless is uncomfortable, but a professional restoration is the best course of action. Compared to what you can accomplish at home, it will last much longer. The technician will look for hidden damage, ensure the surface is smoothed down for maximum comfort, and align everything properly to stop further harm from occurring to your natural teeth or dentures. Now is the ideal moment to reward yourself with some well-deserved rest, catch up on reading, or binge-watch your favorite Netflix series while enjoying a dish of creamy ice cream. You won’t have to wait long to get your teeth back.

source: https://myemergencydental.com/why-diy-denture-repair-is-dangerous-and-expensive/


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