5 Document Handling Tips Infographic

Document management is crucial for maintaining an efficient and effective office. You need to access clients’ information easily, trust that all necessary documents are in their files, and track who is actively working with that information. As your business grows, your old process may become ineffective. To create an efficient business document management system, start by establishing a project lead who will be responsible for seeing the project through to completion. This ensures consistency in the system across the board, preventing documents from being misplaced or miscategorized. Next, assess your current process to identify what is working and how to streamline it. Document how each staff member handles documents and note any changes for easy backtracking. Analyze your document needs by taking stock of all document types team members use, including obscure forms used infrequently. Label them to understand their usage frequency. Create an implementation plan considering who will move files to the new system and any necessary data management processes. Set a deadline for launching the new system and enlist help to meet it. Finally, start using your new strategy and train your team. If switching to a new electronic storage database or client management platform, transfer and carefully index or tag electronic files. Conduct several tests to ensure everything works as expected and make necessary adjustments. Spending time on tests initially will save you from duplicating work later.

source: https://proclient.com/5-steps-to-effective-document-management-for-your-small-business/


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