5 Energy Tips to Save Your Business Funds Infographic

Every business owner wants to save money, especially during the winter when heating and electricity bills can be at an all-time high. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to make your business more energy efficient and keep expenses down.

Regulate your office’s temperature with ease

If you’re looking for ways to drastically decrease your energy consumption, adjusting your office’s thermostat is an excellent option with proven long-term savings. According to research by the Department of Energy, lowering it by just one degree for eight hours per day can save up to 10% in annual costs, so imagine what turning down the temperature seven to ten degrees from its standard setting could do.

Moreover, investing in a smart thermostat is an affordable way to decrease energy expenses drastically. This remarkable device allows you to easily program your systems and adjust temperatures depending on the activities at certain times of the day. For instance, when employees are engaged in physical labor or using appliances that generate heat, it would be wise to schedule cooler temperatures.

Take advantage of your windows

If your offices have windows facing the south, you already possess a valuable and accessible source of heat sunlight! Make full use of this natural warmth by opening all window shades or blinds when direct solar radiation is present. To maintain the temperature in drafty areas, consider investing in heavy curtains that can act as insulation between exterior temperatures and those inside your workspace, maximizing comfort for everyone onsite.

Insulate and seal

Even if you keep your heat settings low and take advantage of natural solar heating, your heating system will still need to run when the temperatures drop. To get the most out of this heated air that you’re paying for, ensure it stays inside by properly insulating all spaces in your building. Additionally, be on the lookout for any drafts coming from windows, doors, or outlets, as these indicate cool outside air entering. Sealing up those areas helps trap warm air within and thus reduce energy spending.

Think beyond cold weather use

You can considerably reduce your energy consumption by adequately powering down all office equipment and machines at the close of business. Even though these tools are idle, they still draw power that adds up over time. Additionally, consider swapping out your current fleet for vehicles claiming higher fuel-efficiency ratings; this will result in sizable cost reductions and continue saving money after winter passes. Remember to insulate or replace old water heaters with more efficient tankless versions.

Experts can handle it

Even with the most effective cost-saving strategies, knowing the best options for your commercial space is still hard. Consultation by professionals and local energy experts can furnish you with helpful knowledge regarding maximizing your business’s efficiency, resulting in long-term savings. An energy specialist can conduct an audit to identify potential areas where one can save on power consumption. They will also suggest appropriate measures to make your building more efficient during the wintertime or all year round.

Decreasing your business’s energy consumption can be a manageable task. With our five tips, you can save significant money this winter and establish cost-saving strategies that will last for years.

source: https://dneresources.com/5-energy-tips-to-save-your-business-money-this-winter/


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