5 Exercises to Keep You and Your Dog Healthy Infographic

Part of the healthy routine of a person is a daily exercise. However, sometimes because of too much work, laziness and a feeling that it is not needed, you just neglect exercising even though you knew how beneficial it would be for your body. Also, some people do not exercise regularly because they don’t have a partner or company to do it. It would be boring if you will just jog alone. Fortunately, you can actually find the best exercise partner in a dog. Pets also need to exercise. When these dogs are left slouching and sitting all day long, they will develop fats which could also be detrimental to their health. So, if you think you need to exercise and a partner at the same time, wake up early and bring your dog with you. This infographic shows some of the fun things you can do.

1. You can’t beat a dog in running but this is one of the best exercises for them. It would be funny if you are running and simply following behind your dog. So, what can you do? Find a bike and your pet will simply follow the course you take. It is recommended that you find an uphill land such as hills.

2. Climbing stairs could be also a good option. However, these are not the stairs inside your house but the stairs in a stadium or sports complex. You would notice that the stairs in these places are wider and bigger. Also, there are gaps so bringing small dogs may be inappropriate because they might fall in it.

3. Summer breeze may encourage you to swim. This is a good exercise, especially during the summer season. More so, it is a good cardiovascular exercise for you and your dog. So, have fun and have a healthy lifestyle plus a nice bond with your favorite dog.

4. Put your dogs into some obstacle. A Frisbee game could be a good choice. You throw the Frisbee far away so that the dog will pick it up. They love it and they enjoy it. Plus you get to exercise your hands and arms. What if you don’t have a Frisbee? You can pick some branches along the way of going to the park or in your backyard. In addition, when you are throwing it, try to target over and below benches so that they can jump and crawl from time to time.

5. Another good option is towing. However, before opting for it, you need to check on how old your dog is. Small dogs don’t have fully formed skeletons. If your dog is big enough to experience towing then you must give him a warm-up first. Just like humans, they also need to be prepared for harder jobs.

6. This infographic will open your eyes about what else dogs can do for you. They are not just there to watch and guard your house or bark whenever someone unknown tries to steal in your house. Always bring them to some fun and challenging exercise routine.

source: https://www.petminerals.com/is-your-dog-getting-enough-exercise/


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