5 Facts about Smoking while Pregnant Infographic

Inhaling cigarette smoke during pregnancy is dangerous and so is smoking. The risks are high when pregnant women smoke. The inhaled toxins are dangerous both to the mother and the unborn child. It is like setting a stage for numerous health problems at the start of their life. They let your child suffer, save yourself and your baby as soon as possible. You need to be aware of the dangers that smoking cigarettes brings. Here are 5 facts that you should know about smoking during pregnancy.

1. It is bad for the health and development of the baby. Continuous cigarette smoking while carrying an unborn child will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy (fertilized egg grafts itself outside the womb and grows). It can result in consequences that will require a pregnant woman to undergo surgical intervention. Frequent intake of smoke-based nicotine can also increase the risk of complications including premature delivery, abnormal implantation, and early rupture of the membrane. The placenta can also detach itself from the uterus before birth due to the side effect of smoking.

2. Secondhand smoke is no exception. If you are not smoking but people around you smoke cigarettes, the unborn child’s health also suffers. Inhaling smoke from pipes and cigars can be even more dangerous as they are not smoked the same way. The byproducts they release have greater quantities of carcinogens making secondhand smoke more dangerous than smoking itself. So, it is best to avoid secondhand smoke even after birth. Ask people around you to smoke somewhere else as it can cause health problems to the newborn including ear infections, asthma, and bronchitis.

3. E-cigarettes are also a no-no. E-cigarettes or liquid cigarettes have less nicotine and fewer toxins compared to conventional smoke. However, it still carries enough contaminant to potentially harm the child. Vaping can lead to nicotine-related poisoning which is just as deadly as smoking cigarettes. Some regulations ban e-cigarettes and they are ever-changing thus making it difficult to know how harmful it is to one’s health.

4. Tips on how to quit smoking. Quitting is not easy especially if you are like the majority of smokers. A personalized plan involving a way how to gradually curb the habit will help. One of the things you should do is to stay away from emotional triggers that prompt you to smoke. Once you determine what your triggers are it is easier to replace the moments with activities that are healthy for your body. You can also take the group approach and socialize with people who are trying to quit smoking. This way you can get your much-needed support.

5. The benefits of quitting smoking. It is never easy to quit smoking but doing so can yield many benefits for you and your baby. You will feel the benefits of quitting smoking in as little as an hour after the last cigarette and the sooner you quit, the faster you reduce your risk of getting health problems. A smoke-free life in the womb and outside is a very important gift you can give to your child.

source: https://healthylifestyle.org/is-it-ever-safe-to-smoke-during-pregnancy/


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