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A simple statuette like that of Oscar represents a lot for a filmmaker or actor and actresses. It could symbolize honor, pride, and dignity for they were able to get a hold of the famous award and be considered one of the best performers in the film industry. Because of that, even the spectators of who would not get the Oscar award would be excited and thrilled. This famous trophy that resembles a knight atop the reel of the film represents an artist’s exemplary performance and this is something that can never be taken away from them. However, this piece is more than just a picture to tell because there are many things you get to know about the Oscar award through this infographic.

1. The first thing you would ask will be “why was it called Oscar”? There are many legends as to why it was named that way. But, it’s real name was The Academy Award of Merit but in 1939, an Academy Librarian who became an executive director remarked that the statuettes looked like her Uncle Oscar. The academy found it nice to hear and so it became famously known as the Oscar Award until today.

2. Who could have designed the Oscar trophy? The designer was an art director from MGM. Some would say that the design of the trophy means the warrior of the film industry. The truth is a lot of trophies around the world were inspired by this design. A silhouette was just so nice that you can make stories out of it in your mind. More so, Gibbons, a famous sculptor in Los Angeles, was commissioned by the Academy to make the three-dimensional trophy.

3. For those who were able to receive the Oscar trophy, they can probably tell the materials used for carving it. Initially, the trophy was made of solid bronze and gold plating. However, it was changed to Britannia metal core which is plated in copper, nickel silver and gold. There was a time when the Academy was not able to make the real trophy because of metal shortage but when they were able to get the supply, they had asked the winners to redeem the real trophies.

4. The Oscar trophy was a little longer and a little bigger than normal trophies that you could see. The height of the trophy is 13.5 inches. The weight of Oscar trophy is 8.5 pounds. If you would check on its BMI, you would be able to say that it was overweight. That’s why the look of the award is not a skinny man.

5. The Oscar award is always judging the actors and actresses into the same categories every year. However, they don’t make a fixed number of statuettes because there are times when one category will have multiple winners due to ties. What they make sure of is that they have sufficient amount of trophy in case of ties and multiple recipients. What happened to the surplus? The academy just keeps it in their vault and use it for the next year’s awarding ceremony.

source: https://www.goldplating.com/blogs/news/little-known-facts-about-the-oscar-statuettes


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