5 Financial Skills for Divorced Parents Infographic

In the aftermath of a divorce, financial stability becomes crucial for co-parents navigating the challenges of single parenting. This infographic outlines five essential financial skills divorced parents can cultivate to regain economic stability and ensure a secure future for themselves and their children.

Banking 101: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

For those unfamiliar with banking or financial institutions, it is advisable to start with the fundamentals. Choosing a suitable banking institution is essential, and online resources like Bankrate or Investopedia can provide guidance. Understanding the rules and regulations of the selected bank is crucial to avoiding unexpected costs such as minimum balance requirements and overdraft fees. Establish or improve your credit history to make loans less expensive.

Budget: Saving is the Name of the Game

Budgeting is a fundamental skill for financial stability. Budgeting is dividing income into categories such as housing, groceries, and utilities, prioritizing necessities. The surplus can then be allocated toward personal and family goals, showcasing the importance of intentional financial planning. For instance, co-parent invests in their child’s interests rather than spending unnecessary expenses during custody time.

Saving is the Name of the Game

Once familiar with banking basics, the next step is establishing an emergency fund capable of covering six to twelve months’ worth of expenses. It is important to prioritze necessities and gradually set aside funds for additional purposes, such as education or vacations. It advocates for creating separate savings plans within accounts for specific spending purposes, enhancing the likelihood of responsible spending.

Measure to Manage

Finance is a numbers game. The bigger you can make the gap between earnings and spending, the better. The faster you build your nest egg, the quicker you can prepare for pop-up expenses. Technology makes it easier than ever to budget and manage finances with co-parenting expense tracker apps recommended to streamline financial management for parents.


Effective communication is underscored as essential for financial transparency and peace in co-parenting relationships. Divorced couples are encouraged to use co-parenting apps that facilitate documentation, assessment, and splitting of child-related expenses. Clear communication is presented to rebuild trust and minimize face-to-face or voice-to-voice interactions, reducing potential conflict.

Acknowledging that everyone has weaknesses, recognize and work on them, either through self-education or seeking professional assistance. Once you recognize your weaknesses and begin to work on them, the next step is to start small. If budgeting is a pain point, start making a weekly expense budget and sticking to it.

Despite the inevitable challenges of transitioning from a two-income household to a single income after divorce, co-parents are urged not to be deterred by fear or hopelessness. Don’t let fear, hopelessness, or inexperience with finances prevent you from taking control of your fiscal well-being. Strengthen your skills in the five essential areas or have a professional assist you.

This infographic serves as a guide for divorced parents to navigate the financial complexities post-divorce. By mastering these five essential financial skills, co-parents can regain economic stability and pave the way for a more secure and prosperous future for themselves and their children.

source: https://www.dcomply.com/five-essential-financial-skills-for-divorced-parents/


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