5 Fire Prevention Tips for Seniors Infographic

When the weather gets too hot, the probability of fire incidents is high. That is why you can read in newspapers or see on TV channels that more and more fire catastrophes are happening. The problem gets worse when you are alone and you have bad knees and you can’t run to save your life. Fire easily spread and you can get suffocated with the smoke. That is why prevention is a must. You can’t simply depend on other people because when there is fire everyone will be on their own. So, to avoid these things from happening at your house, follow the tips on this infographic.

1. It has been proven in many circumstances that fire more often than not starts in the kitchen. It is a place where people cook their food. It is also where plenty of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, etc are present. If you happen to forget that you are cooking something and then slept, you will be awakened by the fire. When you are cooking, do not leave the kitchen unless you are done and you have turned off your gas and burner. More so, you must ensure that all cords are in place and not near the stove or any other appliances.

2. Another cause of the fire problem is the outlet that suddenly gets busted. Do not ever try putting your hands in the outlet instead try to feel it from afar when it is heating. Sometimes, you can also hear a burning sound. When this happens, you need to unplug all other appliances because there could be some electrical problems. After that, get the service of an electrician to check your main circuit and the entire electrical system.

3. Heaters keep you during cold days and nights but it is still an appliance that can burst out when overused. But, since there will be times that you can’t turn it off because of too much cold, ensure that it is placed from paper, plastic, bedding and other things that can easily catch fire.

4. The number one fire hazard is light. The wrong wattage of lights can be damaging. There are several scenarios where lights burned and it spreads throughout the house. Aside from the electric lamps that you are using, candles have become the number one reason for fire incidents too. During occasions such as All Souls Day, people would light a candle but because they forgot to blow it out, fire may start from it. Think of materials present in your house, if these materials are conductible you need to keep them safe all the time.

5. Not because the cord is not plugged, it poses no danger to the household. Damaged or frayed cords must be thrown away. Do not just cut a portion of it and then reuse it because it might short circuit and be the cause of the fire.

6. These are simple reminders but these are often forgotten by people especially if they get older. So, list these tips down and put in a place where you can easily see it.

source: https://www.disastercompany.com/safety-for-seniors-fire-prevention/


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