5 Fixes for Squeaky Decks Infographic

If your deck was constructed of natural wood, it can warp over time as it degrades and ages, causing your boards to rub against one another and your deck to pop, creak, or squeak when you walk across it. Don’t let those ominous tones annoy you. You may easily take care of the process of fixing a squeaky, creaking deck without burning a lot of money. Look at the solutions listed below to stop it.

Tighten Above Deck

To anchor the board securely to the joist below and eliminate it from rubbing up against other boards and squeaking, place an extra screw or nail where the squeak is coming from if your boards are screwed in or nailed down. If the nail or screw holes on your deck have been filled in or caulked, conceal the additional fasteners to match the rest.

Tighten Below Deck

If the bottom part of your deck is easily accessible, you can think about fastening the joist inside into the deck board above. Use a screw that can penetrate the wood at least half an inch high. However, take care that the screw doesn’t poke up through the top of your decking board.

Utilize Joist Brackets

Specialized hardware labeled as joist brackets fasten to both the underside of the deck board and the side of the joists. Again, this is a choice for homeowners who have basic access to their deck’s underbelly. Based on the width and thickness of your joist board, select the bracket size. This approach has the astounding advantage of allowing you to gradually tighten the boards as your deck ages.

Shim It

To eradicate squeaky boards, use adhesive and wood pieces known as shims. The adhesive offers the shim greater grip and cushioning, and the shim will fill in any gaps where the wood squeaks (such as across the deck and joist or between boards). Shims come in various dimensions, allowing you to modify them to your needs and utilize them anywhere along the length of a board if it requires adjusting in multiple spots.

Bond the Cracks

By gluing the crack’s opposite edges back together, wood cracks can be repaired. Regular wood glue is insufficient; instead, use a wood binder with an epoxy foundation. As the epoxy sets, shim both sides of the board to seal the space.

Continuous Maintenance Is Key

Deck upkeep is an ongoing responsibility. To preserve and protect yours for many years to come, you’ll need to clean it and examine it for any needed modifications once every two years or so. The majority of homeowners can easily fix loud boards themselves, while some repairs are better left in the hands of a professional.

SRI’s custom deck installers in Colorado are enthusiastic about building you the deck of your dreams and assisting you in maintaining it so that you may enjoy it and benefit from it for a very long time.

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